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  The International Symposium on Cultural Semiotics 
(November 15-17,2008, Nanjing, China)
Call for Papers

The 9th World Congress of Semiotics was held in Helsinki in June, 2007, and during the significant event a desire could be felt that there should be more opportunities for semiotic studies in the east and the west to communicate, as was indicated in the China Round Table session. The International Symposium on Cultural Semiotics Nanjing 2008 is one of the results. The conference will be held in Nanjing beginning Saturday 15 November through 17 Monday November. Under the auspices of the IASS, the conference, hosted by the International Institute of Semiotic Studies, Nanjing Normal University (IISS-NNU), has enlisted support from the top leaders of the IASS including Prof. Eero Tarasti,Prof. Li Youzheng, Prof. Susan Petrilli with their promised attendance and pleasure to co-chair the meeting. We are expecting semioticians from all over the world to come and spend a couple of days in Nanjing, a beautiful city on the Yangtze River which served as a capital city for six dynasties.
Topics & Proposals 
Cultural semiotics is basically the theme for this symposium, and it here falls into four categories as sub-topics for different sessions:
1.Theoretical studies concerning cross-cultural semiotics
2.Comparative literary semiotics
3.Comparative art semiotics
4.Comparative linguistic semiotics
Semioticians who intend to attend the meeting are supposed to
submit your proposal, or abstract, of about 200 words to be processed by the joint academic committee of IASS and IISS-NNU who will make the acceptance/rejection decisions. You can email it to by the end of June, 2008. If you have any questions, you can also send them to the same address.
Registration Fee
RMB 800

The International Institute of Semiotic StudiesNanjing Normal University
The International Institute of Semiotic Studies of Nanjing Normal University (IISS-NNU) was established in April, 2007. Semiotics has been around for a century since its two founders, namely C. Pierce of the US and F. Saussure of Switzerland, put forward their own semiotic theories based on their logical and linguistic studies respectively.

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Eero Aarne Pekka Tarasti
Charles Sanders Peirce
Saussure, Ferdinand de
Umberto Eco
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